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What a shame Carl Benito is trying to negate from his 2008 promises that made him an Alberta MLA. He is downplaying his main promise to give all his MLA salary to support education through scholarships.

He is hoping the "simple people" of Edmonton Millwoods will forget. Compare the promises listed here (below right) to his newly updated Wikipedia posting.

What they say about Carl Benito: articles from magazines, newsprints and political blogs.

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daveberta_ca 2008 Alberta Provincial Election

Carl "Puffball" Benito MLA, Edmonton - Millwoods

2008 Campaign Promises
(from his previous Wikipedia post)

MLA Income towards post-secondary education scholarships
Annual Outstanding Young Men Award
Free Notary and Commissioner of Oath
Scholarship Awards Night
Annual Family Picnic in the Park
Constituency Office Christmas Open House
Monthly Constituency Pop and Hotdog Day
Summer Ladies Fun Run
Job Fair
Quarterly News Letter
Festival of Martial Arts <
School Council Outstanding Project Cup
Model Citizen Medal
Ten Outstanding Mother of the Year Award

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